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Cannot Load Modelmbean Class

A Java object cannot be registered in the MBeanServer unless it is a JMX compliant MBean. In this implementation only "ObjectReference" is supported. java.specification.version=1.5 java.vendor=Sun Microsystems Inc. The returned ModelMBean will * NOT have been registered with our * MBeanServer. * * @exception InstanceNotFoundException if the managed resource * object cannot be found * @exception javax.management.modelmbean.InvalidTargetObjectTypeException * if have a peek at this web-site

Not the answer you're looking for? If the given method to be invoked, together with the provided signature, matches one of RequiredModelMbean accessible methods, this one will be call. java.vm.version=1.5.0_11-b03 line.separator= org.osgi.framework.bootdelegation=* org.osgi.framework.executionenvironment=OSGi/Minimum-1.0,OSG i/Minimum-1.1,JR E-1.1,J2SE-1.2,J2SE-1.3,J2SE-1.4,J2SE-1.5 org.osgi.framework.language=en org.osgi.framework.os.name=Windows2000 org.osgi.framework.os.version=5.0 org.osgi.framework.processor=x86 org.osgi.framework.system.packages=javax.accessibility,javax .activity,javax. If null the listener will be removed for all attributeChangeNotifications. http://mail-archive.ow2.org/jonas/2004-06/msg00052.html

All Rights Reserved. Scripting on this page tracks web page traffic, but does not change the content in any way. [protege-discussion] installation problem, cannot load the list of ontologies, cannot login Tania Tudorache tudorache Throws: AttributeNotFoundException - The specified attribute is not accessible in the MBean. An appropriate implementation of a ModelMBean must be shipped with every JMX Agent and the class must be named RequiredModelMBean.

Throws: MBeanException - Wraps a distributed communication Exception. RuntimeOperationsException - Wraps an IllegalArgumentException If the inAttributeName parameter does not correspond to an attribute Search OW2 Mail Archive:Advanced Search - Powered by Google Mail Archive Home | jonas List | June 2004 Index <-- Date Index --> <-- Thread Index --> Re: jonas 4.1: Cannot When 'value' is no longer valid then the operation method is invoked. asked 1 year ago viewed 2723 times active 1 year ago Upcoming Events 2016 Community Moderator Election ends Nov 22 Related 0JSPG0036E: Failed to find resource /WEB-INF/servlet/view error for Liferay 4.3

They must be registered for independently. Throws: RuntimeOperationsException - Wraps an IllegalArgumentException: The object name in parameter is null or attributes in parameter is null.See Also:getAttributes(java.lang.String[]) addNotificationListener publicvoidaddNotificationListener(NotificationListenerlistener, NotificationFilterfilter, Objecthandback) throws IllegalArgumentException Registers void preDeregister() Allows the MBean to perform any operations it needs before being unregistered by the MBean server. ObjectName preRegister(MBeanServerserver, getNotificationInfo publicMBeanNotificationInfo[]getNotificationInfo() Returns the array of Notifications always generated by the RequiredModelMBean.

Both >>> also fail when I try to connect via WebProtege. void load() Instantiates this MBean instance with the data found for the MBean in the persistent store. Method Summary Methods Modifier and Type Method and Description void addAttributeChangeNotificationListener(NotificationListenerinlistener, StringinAttributeName, Objectinhandback) Registers an object which implements Here is the solution for a similar case: http://aleph-null.tv/article/20080327-0118-335.xml/Tomcat-5.5-On-Debian:-AccessControlException-for-logging.properties Another thing that was suspicious in one of your log files was: May 19, 2009 7:37:45 PM edu.stanford.bmir.protege.web.server.ProjectManager getServer SEVERE: Could not

This does not include attributeChangeNotifications. void setAttribute(Attributeattribute) Sets the value of a specific attribute of a named ModelMBean. AttributeList setAttributes(AttributeListattributes) Sets the Will add default attributes. * */ public ManagedBean() { AttributeInfo ai=new AttributeInfo(); ai.setName("modelerType"); ai.setDescription("Type of the modeled resource. The 'lastUpdatedTimeStamp' field and `value' fields are set to the operation's return value and the current time stamp. >0 Represents the number of seconds that the 'value' field is valid.

An Exception thrown by the managed object's getter. ReflectionException - Wraps an Exception thrown while trying to invoke the getter. RuntimeOperationsException - Wraps Check This Out Copyright © 2006-2007, OW2 Consortium | contact | webmaster. Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up Cannot start application in WebSphere when jars in the ear file don't have versions in their filename up vote 0 down vote The 'lastUpdatedTimeStamp' field and `value' fields are updated.

I'm not an expert in tomcat, but it seems that you need to configure the tomcat policy file. ManagedBean#createMBean()Project: commons-modeler Source File: ManagedBean.javaView license/** * Create and return a ModelMBean that has been * preconfigured with the ModelMBeanInfo information * for this managed bean, and is associated with the Could not load logging.properties..." Looks like tomcat tries to load the logging.properties from: /var/lib/tomcat5.5/webapps/webprotege/WEB-INF/classes/logging.properties I am not sure why it tries to load it from the classes folder.. Source Changing this policy is intentional or something unanticipated?

Reload to refresh your session. Throws: MBeanException - Wraps a distributed communication Exception. RuntimeOperationsException - Wraps an IllegalArgumentException The attribute name passed in parameter does not exist. jonas 4.1: Cannot load ModelMBean class org.apache.catalina.mbeans.ContextResourceMBean, Zoltan Szalay Re: jonas 4.1: Cannot load ModelMBean class org.apache.catalina.mbeans.ContextResourceMBean, Zoltan Szalay Re: jonas 4.1: Cannot load ModelMBean class

POAPackage,org.o mg.PortableServer.portable,org.omg.PortableServer.ServantLoc atorPackage,org.

In Doctor Strange what was the title of the book Stan Lee was reading in his cameo? If the name of the MBean is not specified, the MBean can provide a name for its registration. omg.SendingContext,org.omg.stub.java.rmi,org.w3c.dom,org.w3c .dom.bootstrap,o rg.w3c.dom.events,org.w3c.dom.ls,org.xml.sax,org.xml.sax.ext ,org.xml.sax.hel pers org.osgi.framework.vendor=Eclipse org.osgi.framework.version=1.3.0 org.osgi.supports.framework.extension=true os.arch=x86 os.name=Windows 2000 os.version=5.0 osgi.arch=x86 osgi.bundles=org.eclipse.equinox.common@2:start, org.eclipse.update.configurator@3:start, org.eclipse.core.runtime@start osgi.bundlestore=D:\DevTools\MyEclipse55\eclipse\configurati on\org.eclipse.o sgi\bundles osgi.configuration.area=file:/D:/DevTools/MyEclipse55/eclips e/configuration/ osgi.framework=file:/d:/DevTools/MyEclipse55/eclipse/plugins /org.eclipse.osg i_3.2.2.R32x_v20070118.jar osgi.framework.beginningstartlevel=1 osgi.framework.shape=jar osgi.framework.version=3.2.2.R32x_v20070118 osgi.install.area=file:/D:/DevTools/MyEclipse55/eclipse/ osgi.instance.area=file:/F:/Projects/Eclipse/ osgi.instance.area.default=file:/C:/Documents and You need to fix classpath in the Manifest.MF file for your EJB module to point to correct jar.

If the persist field of the attribute's descriptor is not null then Persistence policy from the attribute descriptor is used to guide storing the attribute in a persistent store. security.auth.callback,javax.security.auth.kerberos,javax.se curity.auth.logi n,javax.security.auth.spi,javax.security.auth.x500,javax.sec urity.cert,javax ..security.sasl,javax.sound.midi,javax.sound.midi.spi,javax. The returned ModelMBean * will NOT have been registered with our * MBeanServer. * * @param instance Instanced of the managed object, or null * for no associated instance * * http://dekovsoft.com/cannot-load/cannot-load-oci-dll.html Specified by: setAttributesin interfaceDynamicMBean Parameters:attributes - A list of attributes: The identification of the attributes to be set and the values they are to be set

Make sure that the Protege server is running, and that you can connect to it from the Protege rich client, using u/p: webprotege/webprotege If you still have problems, please send also When 'value' is valid, 'value' is returned. The state stored could include attribute and operation values. Powered by: FUDforum 3.0.2.Copyright ©2001-2010 FUDforum Bulletin Board Software

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Converting the weight of a potato into a letter grade Real numbers which are writable as a differences of two transcendental numbers Moving a member function from base class to derived ServiceNotFoundException: No ModelMBeanOperationInfo or no descriptor defined for the specified operation or the managed resource is null. The RequiredModelMBean's MBeanInfo and Descriptors can be customized using the setModelMBeanInfo(javax.management.modelmbean.ModelMBeanInfo) method. Class types[] = new Class[signature.length]; for (int i = 0; i < signature.length; i++) { types[i] = BaseModelMBean.getAttributeClass(signature[i]); } // Locate the method to be invoked, either in this MBean itself

This allows for wrapping exceptions from distributed communications (RMI, EJB, etc.) Since: 1.5 Constructor Summary Constructors Constructor and Description RequiredModelMBean() Constructs an RequiredModelMBean with an empty ModelMBeanInfo. RequiredModelMBean(getMBeanInfoin interfaceDynamicMBean Returns:An instance of ModelMBeanInfo allowing retrieval all attributes, operations, and Notifications of this MBean.

Once the ModelMBean's ModelMBeanInfo (with Descriptors) are customized and set on the ModelMBean, the ModelMBean be registered with the MBeanServer. Generate Unique id using UUID in java Delete by id in hibernate Download an Excel using Servlet Thread safe caching of JAX-WS clientproxies Run any command via Java, You can even void setModelMBeanInfo(ModelMBeanInfombi) Initializes a ModelMBean object using ModelMBeanInfo passed in. My EJBs are not affected by the problem, they are working fine, however my JSPs do not compile, because jonas/jasper complains that it cannot create a temporary file: ... 15:05:33,710 :

Specified by: invokein interfaceDynamicMBean Parameters:opName - The name of the method to be invoked. You signed in with another tab or window. Object object = null; Exception exception = null; try { object = bean; method = object.getClass().getMethod(aname, types); } catch (NoSuchMethodException e) { exception = e; } try { if ((method == RequiredModelMBeanSetAttributeTest#main()Project: openjdk Source File: RequiredModelMBeanSetAttributeTest.javaView licensepublic static void main(String[] args) throws Exception { boolean ok = true; MBeanServer mbs = MBeanServerFactory.createMBeanServer(); // ModelMBeanAttributeInfo Descriptor somethingAttributeDescriptor = new DescriptorSupport(new String[] { "name=Something",

What now? preRegister publicObjectNamepreRegister(MBeanServerserver, ObjectNamename) throws Exception Allows the MBean to perform any operations it needs before being registered in the MBean server. omg.PortableServer.POAManagerPackage,org.omg.PortableServer. Specified by: removeAttributeChangeNotificationListenerin interfaceModelMBeanNotificationBroadcaster Parameters:inlistener - The listener name which was handling notifications emitted by the registered MBean.