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Cannot Login To Novell Remote Manager

The SAdmin account is stored--encrypted, of course--in Novell Remote Manager and NetWare Management Portal. According to Henriksen, users who know about and have used NetWare Management Portal are "just not comfortable with the fact that anyone in the world can view [noncritical] information about [their Click the Emergency Account icon. The user can modify only the configuration files necessary for configuring NRM or any other files that NRM has been assigned rights to allow modifying. Source

This may explain why the admin user was not LUM enabled by default. Although this utility ships with NetWare 5, Novell has discovered that some network administrators don't know they have this utility. Type one of the following addresses in the browser's Address field: http://serverIPaddress:8008. (Novell Remote Manager and NetWare Management Portal use port 8008 for nonsecure communications.) https://serverIPaddress:8009. (Novell Remote Manager and NetWare If the object is not found in a local replica on this first attempt a -779 ERR CANNOT GO REMOTE is returned.

With NetWare 5.1, Novell also allows you to limit the information available to users who haven't logged in to NetWare Management Portal: You can configure NetWare Management Portal to display only When the supervisoronly option is set, the Admin user and Admin-equivalent users are the only LUM-enabled eDirectory users that can log in to Novell Remote Manager. Why would you want the additional CPU-related information that Novell Remote Manager provides? Select the Unix workstation object associated with this server, and the unix config object of the workstation.6.

Select Linux-enable all users in these Groups to enable all users in the group for Linux User Management.4. Click the LOGIN link in the forum header to proceed. Therefore, NetWare Management Portal must keep track of at least 18 items.) In addition to displaying status indicators for each of these key items, the Health Monitor displays a indicator of For a list of these files, see Section 14.1, Security Features.

Use the links in Novell Remote Manager to view, configure, and manage the server. If the response time falls between one and two ticks--which is the threshold value that determines whether or not the status is bad--the Health Monitor displays the status as Suspect. These management options include the ability to clear server connections and broadcast messages to the users who are connected to the server. http://www.novell.com/documentation/oes11/mgmt_remotemgr_lx/data/btmt25c.html For instructions on enabling Linux, see Setting Up Linux Computers to Use eDirectory Authentication in the OES 11 SP3: Novell Linux User Management Administration Guide.

For more information, see "Here's the Beef!") Because Novell Remote Manager builds on the capabilities NetWare Management Portal offers, you should have a general idea of what NetWare Management Portal can I have a read/write replica on this server. You can download this article from http://developer.novell.com/research/sections/netmanage/btb/2001/february/b010201.htm. "Beyond the Basics: Managing NetWare 5.1 Memory Through the Portal Utility: Part 3." This article is the third in a three-part series that discusses For example, Novell has recently released "Migrating From Windows NT Server to Novell NetWare" and "Upgrading to Newer Versions of Novell NetWare." Watch for more Deployment Guides to be released in

To discover which NLM is causing difficulties for Server1, you need a troubleshooting utility: namely, Novell Remote Manager. http://www.novell.com/documentation/oes2/mgmt_remotemgr_lx/data/btmt25c.html The user can modify only the configuration files necessary for configuring NRM or any other files that NRM has been assigned rights to allow modifying. Using the Remote Server Access option, you can browse the file systems of NetWare servers that reside in the same eDirectory tree as the server running NetWare Management Portal. After your session for Novell Remote Manager is complete, click the Exit icon to log out, then close the web browser.

Using the Server Management option, you can perform tasks such as the following: Clear server connections Broadcast messages to users who are connected to the server Set server parameters Send command-line this contact form So both LDAP and Novell Remote Manager are functioning properly in their own regard.To verify that the failed login count is rising due to -779 errors you can trace LDAP activity I can login as root, but cannot login as any eDirectory user. The Health Monitor keeps tabs on 19 or more key items that indicate overall server health. (The number of items the Health Monitor monitors depends on the number of CPUs the

Remove these lines: auth sufficient /lib/security/pam_nam.so account sufficient /lib/security/pam_nam.so password sufficient /lib/security/pam_nam.so session optional /lib/security/pam_nam.so When the nolum option is set, no LUM-enabled eDirectory user can access the server via Novell In fact, users who cannot log in as Admin can view or manage only those volumes, directories, or files to which those users have rights in eDirectory. That is, you use these utilities to find and diagnose problems through the NDS Agent that is running on the same server upon which the utilities are running. have a peek here Document ID:7007338Creation Date:08-DEC-10Modified Date:27-APR-12NovellOpen Enterprise Server Did this document solve your problem?

Non-LUM-enabled eDirectory users cannot access the server through Novell Remote Manager. Because NetWare 6 should run on a server with at least two processors, the Novell Remote Manager running on that server must keep track of at least 19 items. If eDirectory and LUM are installed on the local server, the eDirectory user Admin can log in to Novell Remote Manager using its fully distinguished name (admin.context) because this user is

Type one of these addresses in the browser's Address field: http://IP address of server:8008/sadminpw https://IP address of server:8009/sadminpw 3.

NLMs that are not MP-enabled usually run only on Processor 0. We recommend that the root user be the only local user created on the system. Select NSPSLP.NLM, and then select Unload. Type a password for this account in the two spaces provided, and click the Update button. (If you click the Reset button on this page, Novell Remote Manager resets the SAdmin

You can view all of the Novell Deployment Guides at www.novell.com/products/netware/deployment_solutions. If the Work To Do Response time is two or more ticks, the Health Monitor displays the status as Bad. What You See Depends on Who You Are How much information can users see when they do log in to Novell Remote Manager? http://dekovsoft.com/cannot-login/cannot-login-viwawa.html Novell is now a part of Micro Focus Home Micro Focus Home Skip to Content Products Collaboration + Open Workgroup Suite GroupWise Micro Focus Vibe Endpoint Management

You may be surprised to find that Novell Remote Manager is actually the latest version of a web-based management utility that shipped with NetWare 5--NetWare Management Portal. Select the List Modules option under the Manage Application section of the Novell Remote Manager menu and load NSPSLP.NLM on Server 1.