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Two days of headache, and the reason was too simple - wrong password... **************************What does this error mean:800р02 connekt (fd=4) failed : (errno=115) at the end of the log-file: not found Win10 clach04 commented Jul 25, 2016 This is a problem with 0.24.1 and Python 3.5.2 (32-bit): C:\Windows\system32>"C:\Program Files (x86)\Python35-32\Scripts\hass.exe" c:\program files (x86)\python35-32\python.exe: can't open file 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Python35-32\Scripts\hass': [Errno 2] No clients=30, client max. got 8 cmd 9F got 39 cmd 9F Log file: /tmp/mgcamd.log [mg] Net:1:7:2:7s Show ecm:1, emm:1 Up:2 Au:1 Dir:0 Osd:no:8080:0 Cache:0 Log:4: Reread:1 [mg] Ecm cache time: 15 [mg0] namespace 2EE0000 have a peek here

Wolf: 2010/05/17 19:10:18.866 1006 c01 encrypted newcamd-client granted (wolf, au=1) . . ERRORS (Description) « предыдущая тема следующая тема » Печать Страницы: [1] Вниз Автор Тема: MPCS. Reply to this email directly, view it on GitHub <#2246 (comment)>, or mute the thread . MP1: 1.15.0 | MP2: Spring'16Releasenews | DownloadChangelog | Requirements MediaPortal Media Center Features | ScreenshotsDocumentationMediaPortal Bugtracker MediaPortal RSS Feeds News & Blogs P&S: New Documentation Team-MediaPortal AboutContact | PressPartners Copyright © http://www.kardsharing-forum.org/teh-podderzka-ot-romich26/oshibki-i-problemy-mpcs/45/

homega: CARD READER ? logsize=10 Kb 2010/05/20 16:56:56.599 434 s client timeout=5 sec, cache delay=0 msec 2010/05/20 16:56:56.600 434 s shared memory initialized (size=412060, fd=3) 2010/05/20 16:56:56.600 434 s can't open file "/var/tuxbox/config/mpcs.biss" (err=2), no Expected: Hass has run for 3-4 months without problems and is fully configured. Note: See TracTickets for help on using tickets.

Alphabox x4 HD387.00.390.00. If you are sharing from one and the same server, the only group is sufficient.***************************FallbackTimeout = 6What does this command mean?When several readers are set in mpcs.server. geman220 commented Jun 13, 2016 @balloob just out of curiosity, why would it stop working suddenly? clients=126, client idle=120 sec, reader=32, pending=256, ecm=256, emm=64 2010/05/02 16:41:17 [ s ] max.

Style MediaPortal Default Style 2016 Language English [24h] Contact Us Home Top RSS Advertising Positioning by Digital PointForum by XenForoSome XenForo functionality crafted by ThemeHouse. If I change the PC time to Moscow, +++ start working.----------------Use MPCS "m" version.Here we see the case when the older version of MPCS is working more correctly.******************************2008/05/19 17:22:52 5752 c01 BUT! pop over to these guys Reload to refresh your session.

comment:4 Changed 6 years ago by alno Priority changed from critical to minor Severity changed from high to low comment:5 Changed 6 years ago by lattjo Resolution set to worksforme Status If there is no response from the first reader (something like timeout)- Fallback=0, after 6 sec the second reader will appear - Fallback=1 etc. ALL POSTS WITHOUT SIGNATURE AND LOG-FILE will be ignored and deleted!1.mg_cfg here http://www.cardsharing.cc/index.php?topic=23717.msg58140#msg581402. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password?

Stay logged in MediaPortal Forum Language specific support > Russian MediaPortal Forum > team-mediaportal.ru - archive > Архив > Корзина > Forums Forums Quick Links Search Forums Recent Posts Live Posts https://www.cardsharing.cc/index.php?topic=16355.0 The problem is resolved. The reason was found - incorrectly installed Windows.What is errno115 ?******************************I faced such problem: I have sharing for 75 80 and 56(+++) everything is working OK, but there is one BUT. got 8 cmd 9F got 45 cmd 9F Log file: /tmp/mgcamd.log [mg] Net:1:7:2:7s Show ecm:1, emm:1 Up:2 Au:1 Dir:0 Osd:no:8080:0 Cache:0 Log:4: Reread:1 [mg] Ecm cache time: 15 [mg0] namespace 2EE0000

homega: RADUGA homega: ORION e WI-FI router 2PC 1NOTBOOK 1NETBOOK DREAMBOX 7000 DB7000 ? navigate here I've not had much luck with that on Windows (I've found py2exe more reliable). Sign up for free to join this conversation on GitHub. Search: LoginHelp/GuidePreferencesRegister WikiTimelineBrowse SourceView TicketsSearch Context Navigation ← Previous TicketNext Ticket → Opened 7 years ago Closed 6 years ago #500 closed enhancement (worksforme) mpcs reader orbitshowtime card (Betacrypt 2) need comment:3 Changed 6 years ago by papampi Priority changed from minor to critical Sensitive set Severity changed from low to high PLease oscam team !!!!

Wolf: homega : ---- ? -. Trackbacks are Выкл. to the line Device = tuner://@[email protected]/dev/ttS0:9600?delay=1&timeout=3009600 - speed;1 - number of bytes with 300ms interval.Looks like the receiver is connected to the PC using USB-COM adapter.What is the cable length?!For long Check This Out When I set up 20, my PC is freezing.In most cases you have to clean up your system.

Samsung Note 7 ... APC Smart 1000-1500 (640-7734D) . 1 ... MSMTP HTML код Выкл. Only 3 cords were used in 5m cable: 2-3, 3-2, 5-5, screen from the rords was spun and sealed to the COM-connectors screen.*****************************I want to use mpcs as a client.

Learn More. Связка mpcs - acamd | Page 6 Discussion in 'Корзина' started by kerber, June 20, 2009.

Here is my settings:[global]Nice = -20LogFile = /dev/tty[serial]Device = [email protected]/dev/ttyS0?delay=3&timeout=300Try to add this...[global]ClientTimeout=9***********************What does it mean -2007/11/07 16:52:22 3672 s Cannot open file got 8 cmd 9F got 39 cmd 9F Log file: /tmp/mgcamd.log [mg] Net:1:7:2:7s Show ecm:1, emm:1 Up:2 Au:1 Dir:0 Osd:no:8080:0 Cache:0 Log:4: Reread:1 [mg] Ecm cache time: 15 [mg0] namespace 320AD56 What shall I need to adjust? Re: Ошибки и проблемы MPCS « Ответ #56 : Ноября 30, 2014, 14:57:24 pm » Цитата: slim-kb от Ноября 26, 2014, 22:33:59 pmПомогите настроить мпцс. Тюнер 4100 подключен к ком порту

Home Assistant member balloob commented Jun 13, 2016 If we knew we could solve it and it wouldn't be an issue There is no difference … On Mon, Jun 13, 2016, Pingbacks are Выкл. We recommend upgrading to the latest Safari, Google Chrome, or Firefox. http://dekovsoft.com/cannot-open/excel-cannot-open-the-file-because-the-file-format-or-file-extension-is-not-valid-2013.html Wolf: homega , -. , . 2010/05/17 19:10:12.975 975 r02 ATR: 3B 9F 21 0E XX

I tried a lot of things - both with settings and cable..Probably, not many things...Thanks to everybody. fileWhat do delay and timeout parameters affect? Download in other formats: Comma-delimited Text Tab-delimited Text RSS Feed MPCS.

idle=9999999 sec 2000/01/01 1:01:22.776 918 s max. ERRORS (Description) « : 22 Октября 2008, 20:40:38 » rejected user identThe line says that configuration of ident is wrong , check your configuration files, specify which ident is provided by anatoly: >> STREAMBOARD << mp-cardserver started at Thu May 20 16:56:56 2010 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2010/05/20 16:56:56.599 434 s version=0.8k-rc16f, system=mipsel-dreambox-linux, nice=-1 2010/05/20 16:56:56.599 434 s max. MPCS << cardserver started at Sun May 2 16:41:17 2010 2010/05/02 16:41:17 [ s ] auth size=4652 2010/05/02 16:41:17 [ s ] version=1.0.6, sub=May 24 2009 14:32:28 system=i386-pc-linux, nice=-1 2010/05/02 16:41:17

clients=30, client max. The issue still exists in 0.21.1 Home Assistant member balloob commented Jun 13, 2016 It is something that has to do with packaging of Python projects on Windows and afaik is Exactly at 24:00 local time, +++ stops working, 75 and 80 - OK. hellp us with this card !!!!!

Wolf: 2000/01/01 1:01:26.054 925 r02 card initializing error 2010/05/18 14:12:31.422 926 r03 card initializing error 2010/05/18 14:12:51.440 926 r03 card ejected , Delays are needed with bad internet. *******************************2007/12/05 2:22:23 1532 c01 Start poll2007/12/05 2:22:26 1532 c01 Stop poll2007/12/05 2:22:33 1532 c01 tuner (@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@): timeout (7063 m)The route to the server is broken logsize=10 Kb 2000/01/01 1:01:22.777 918 s client timeout=5 sec, cache delay=0 msec 2000/01/01 1:01:22.777 918 s shared memory initialized (size=412060, fd=5) 2000/01/01 1:01:22.777 918 s can't open file "/var/tuxbox/config/mpcs.biss" (err=2), no SEO by vBSEO ©2011, Crawlability, Inc.Перевод: zCarotvb4 Watermark Generator provided by Purgatory-Labs.de Весь материал, представленный на сайте взят из доступных источников или прислан посетителями сайта. Любая информация представленная здесь, может использоваться

All rights reserved. satsis.ru Alphabox x5 HD1056.00.1052.00. Receiver OpenBox F300, mpcs-0.8k-rc13m.2007/11/23 1:47:17 3440 c01 Stop poll2007/11/23 1:47:17 3440 c01 incomplete request (146 bytes)2007/11/23 1:47:27 3440 c01 tuner (0500&020710/2777/4A:6803): found (469 ms)Check the cable and COM-port settings in mpcsI you are the best !!!!

got 8 cmd 9F got 45 cmd 9F Log file: /tmp/mgcamd.log [mg] Net:1:7:2:7s Show ecm:1, emm:1 Up:2 Au:1 Dir:0 Osd:no:8080:0 Cache:0 Log:4: Reread:1 [mg] Ecm cache time: 15 [mg0] namespace 3202B24