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Cannot Open The Message Catalog Man For Locale Fr_fr.utf-8

Everything else is set to de_DE.utf8. Note: Depending on your font settings and your browser, you might not be able to see the latin1 characters contained in the following quote. (Also note that you usually shouldn't mix Jonathan Kew jonathan_kew at sil.org Tue May 13 11:11:26 CEST 2008 Previous message: [XeTeX] What is synctex? Global system settings on Redhat Linux for example in /etc/sysconfig/i18n, on SuSE Linux for example in /etc/environment. have a peek here

My advice: first fly over the following once and then read it. JK Previous message: [XeTeX] What is synctex? Fix it once and forever - that's Unix. And how > to disactivate it if required? https://www.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/SSGH2K_13.1.0/com.ibm.xlc131.aix.doc/compiler_ref/rumsgerr.html

using a ~/.login_conf with me:\ :charset=iso-8859-1:\ :lang=en_US.ISO8859-1: Search again in the documentation for your OS search dejanews/google with "locale", "8bit", "accent", "umlaut", "charset", etc - in an appropriate group for you Alors un petit conseil. For some programs you might have to switch back to common 8-bit locales (e.g., the acrobat reader at the time of this writing). The usual error messages, such as "Couldn't set locale correctly" (if you get it at all), are not nearly meaningful enough.

Mais cela serait installable : [/color] oui, j'avais aussi trouvé ce lien. Commande Terminal Le 25/04/2015 20:32, J.P. In conclusion, I hope this post helps readers understand how to localize their ksh93 shell scripts. Instead it documents the GNU gettext PO (portable object) file format and localization methodology.

If you cannot solve your problems, some programs might provide a workaround: For mutt this is the configure switch "--enable-locales-fix", so you have to recompile mutt. Any text following the set identifier is treated as a comment. fr_FR). http://www.generation-nt.com/reponses/man-bash-entraide-3523671.html P.S.

The Cyrillic Charset Soup about KOI8-R / ISO8859-5. If a shell script makes assumptions about the format of the output from locale-sensitive commands and utilities, then it needs to be changed. Next message: [XeTeX] What is synctex? This is required if you cannot get working locale support for any reason.

Effectivement, 10.6.8 pouvait encore faire... Message catalogs produced by msggen are platform independent and are smaller than the equivalent catalog produced by the gencat utility. However it is common practice for message catalogs to use the .cat extension. Le globbing existe bien dans tous les shells.

This mechanism only works when you use a placeholder following the %var% pattern. navigate here Dis moi, qu'est ce que tu fais en zsh que le bash ne fait pas ? Be very careful about using these aliases, as well. A few do so to support encodings which might not be supported by a system locale (e.g.

Meanwhile I'll try some of the permutations on utf8 @xerxes: Thanks nevertheless! XFree86 Xlib calls setlocale(3), but with values in /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/locale/. More about bash/readline: See the post scriptum below. Check This Out Why?

Alternatively see a version from the google usenet archive (or a local copy). See " Using eight-bit-characters in X11" about how to insert eight-bit characters. Il est sur un MBP intel de 2007.

For german-lang SuSE-Linux Users: "Console-Fonts haben keine Umlaute", pointed out by Heiko Schlenker (dead link, instead see the page on archive.org) For german-lang OpenBSD 2.8 users with pcvt(4): From: Christian Weisgerber

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The error does not mention any problem with the locale itself, but with the charset. See http://www.netbsd.org/Documentation/misc/index.html#locales for LC_CTYPE support. If you have difficulty distinguishing between message catalogs produced by gencat and those produced by msggen, an easy way to differentiate the two formats is by means of the first 4 http://dekovsoft.com/cannot-open/cannot-open-outlook-express-message.html You can also translate the message inside your templates.

If you - particularly after an upgrade - get a "Warning: locale not supported by Xlib, locale set to C", then have a look into locale.alias in that directory and adjust News from the Symfony blog A week of symfony #514 (31 October - 6 November 2016) November 06, 2016 New in Symfony 3.2: DX improvements November 04, 2016 New in Symfony You might try resorting to Linux emulation, if you ever need something very special.