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Sometimes you can fix it with SCANPST.EXE, sometimes you can't. Since Kerio Connect 7.3.0 re-indexing is done automatically by a background process. Communicate. If you have a feature request, you can suggest your idea through the administration interface.

The user must log out of all mail sessions - Outlook, WebMail, etc. For a user folder Log into the Kerio Connect Administration with a user account that has read/write rights within the Administration. Most read • Creating a TIF file with a resolution of X ppi from a PDFBox PDPage 4317 • Drop all tables in Oracle DB (scheme) 2090 • Adding DYMO LabelWriter What if it ever got corrupted or I switched computers and I had to pull hundreds of Word documents back into a personal book again?

Kerio Reindex

HomeKerio ProductsLinuxAppleAsk me anything!ContactSite Map HomeKerio ProductsLinuxAppleAsk me anything!ContactSite Map Fixing Large Kerio Mailboxes I bet you have customers who never delete anything out of their Inbox, or if they do, Upon starting Kerio MailServer, the following record is written in the Error log: [23/Jun/2005 12:12:47] mail_folder.cpp: Folder [email protected]/Contacts has corrupted status and index files, going to restore them. With Kerio, the solution is pretty simple. The index.fld file includes list of messages contained in the folder as well as specific information regarding these messages.

Current Time: Tue Nov 08 11:37:06 CET 2016 Total time taken to generate the page: 0.00919 seconds .:: Contact :: Home ::. News View news articles and manage subscriptions. Securely. Kerio employees may participate in the discussions, but their postings do not represent an offical position of the company on any issues raised or discussed.

In this folder, the entire email account of the particular user is saved. Kerio Archive If I rename a user's existing "Deleted Items" folder to "Deleted Items 07092008", then Kerio recreates a new, empty "Deleted Items" folder the next time the user opens Outlook. Securely. Rename this file to index.bad.

We're using Kerio 6.7.1 and this user is using Outlook 2003/KOFF Any thoughts? Are there disadvantages to how my sermons would integrate into Logos though by having them all in one document? -A related question...should I compile my sermon illustrations into the same PBB It contains technical articles about Unix, Linux and general computing related subjects, opinion, news, help files, how-to's, tutorials and more. Jochus's blog Post new comment Your name: E-mail: The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly.

Kerio Archive

Email messages, contacts, events, tasks and notes are saved to a store as a folder tree. here But in some cases, it just doesn't work. Kerio Reindex Right now, the current problem under discussion needs to be solved asap for just one VIP user. Kerio Support Tue Mar 31 10:44:13 2009: 5922 stevan Hello, I did what you suggested and it worked fine, thank you.

Kerio reserves the right to monitor and maintain the forums to promote free and accurate exchange of information. Posts 23111 Reply MJ. shows every sermon that dealt with a certain bible passage, sorts sermons by date preached, location preached, topic covered and misc tags assigned.) It also turned all Scripture references in the It's currently in beta testing.

You might rename their INBOX as "Inbox201412", for example. This problem might be caused by discrepancies between the index.fld special file and the #msgs directory in a Kerio MailServerís mail folder. I cannot make sense of any of these files, even if I wanted to overwrite and restore all my books in one lump to another computer. Downloads View our categorized library of downloads for all necessary manuals, software, etc. Latest Download Files Date Added DNS2Go 4349 Nov 14 2013 12:11 PM Chrome Update Fix Oct 03

Kerio upgrades are free if you are paying for support - and support is inexpensive. We will focus on the #msgs directory where messages in the format of .eml files are stored and on the special index.fld file which is used by Kerio MailServer to orientate If you can keep doing this regularly, it should help.

Is there a general rule of thumb regarding the maximum number of messages a user should keep in their Inbox, Deleted Items, etc.

The Journey X Blog Posts 2964 Reply tom | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Oct 19 2012 12:32 PM David Krueger: Like you, I'm not a programer. If I drill down in the Logos 4/Data folder, there are some files there: "index.dcm", -14kb size "index.fld" -2kb size, "index.idx" -48.8MB size, "index.lck" -0kb size, "index.lxn" -14.4 kb, "index.met" -36bites L4 has a brand new UI, and it was the UI that was causing the issue (how to get the sermons into L4). It looks like option two is referring to this same Logos 4 folder I have found, but the instructions are for Windows and not Mac and I am afraid to try

Kerio stores mail messages individually on the server, so you are never in danger of reaching file size limits - well, technically you still could because the directory itself could grow If more folders with the same GUID identification are detected, identification of one folder is automatically changed by newly generated. Report message to a moderator Tue, 20 October 2009 13:40 [message #64919] zebby Messages: 231 Karma: 0 OK cool, will raise a ticket Report message to a moderator Try it - if it recreates the index, then no, it doesn't matter.

When I go to print my personal preaching copy of the notes, I will now always have to temp cut out all this junk at the beginning of my sermon notes! Collaborate. I end up with a personal book that has a number of my sermon outlines in it and at the end of the book there is an index that sorts things I do not see my list of complied books here if I want to share one of them with my father or Logos on my other computer.

Search Help Register Login Home Home» Kerio User Forums» Kerio Connect» Index error in folder Show: Today's Messages :: Show Polls :: Message Navigator Tue, 20 October 2009 Orthodox Bishop Hilarion Alfeyev: "To be a theologian means to have experience of a personal encounter with God through prayer and worship." Posts 11 Reply Charles T Wesco | Forum Activity If you have a feature request, you can suggest your idea through the administration interface. Communicate.

Pavel StepanekPosted on Wed, May 22, 2013 3:19 PMFor support, visit our public forum or contact Kerio Technical support. Make sure all your clients are disconnected from the server - so you won't have any active sessions left Go to the folder: /store/mail/domain/user/folder_name/ Rename the file index.fld to index.fld.bad Now