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Optus Email Problems


A choice should be given. Not set by default but can be set to a different address From Note: Please contact Optus Customer Service on 13 39 37 to have this setting activated. NAME SMTP server (outgoing mail server) - dialup connections mail.techinfo.com.au port 25 SMTP server (outgoing mail server) - adsl connections rely.wcg.net.au port 25 POP3 server (incoming mail server) mail.techinfo.com.au port 110 There are two pieces of software to be checked (1) the Windows modem driver used by Windows/Control Panel/Modems, and for 56k modems, (2) the firmware loaded into the flash memory of Source

I'm not sure why anyone would want to keep their e-mails on the site anyway.I understand that since Windows 7, we've had to find a new pop3 client to download them, Categories Arts & Humanities Books&Authors Drawing& Illustration Photography Beauty & Style Fashion& Accessories Other-Skin& Body Business & Finance Corporations Credit FinancialServices India Insurance Investing Law&Legal Other-Business &Finance Other-Careers &Employment PersonalFinance Renting&Real the webmail service. It's actually plenty if you use the POP protocol and download your messages. https://yescrowd.optus.com.au/t5/Broadband-Telephony/missing-jpeg-etc-attachments-in-incoming-emails/td-p/10091

Optus Email Problems

Optus doesn't have to redirect your mail to Gmail, Gmail picks it up from the Optus mail server. Blocking port 25 is just one of the many steps taken by Optus to continue preventing spam and viruses, both on and off our service.

What are the benefits to my How do I set up my own WWW home page, how much space am I allowed? 9.

Click 'OK' Folder Manager Help For easy folder management use the 'Folder Manager' tool. To send a message, click on the Mail icon in the toolbar, then click on 'New Message' and type away. Follow one of the links below to activate one or more of your additional accounts. We always recommend an good quality external modem - Banksia Wave SP56 II external modems give extremely good performance with rare occurrences of premature line hang-ups.

You can also tick the box at the top 'add to all outgoing mails' and 'don't add signatures to replies and forwards' Click Apply and OK to save and exit. Optusnet Email For more information on Settings, refer to the Settings Help section The 'Help' option, which will direct you to this page The 'Sign Out' button, which allows you to log out It is offensive or harmful. hop over to this website Please remember that the additional usernames and passwords you create are used only to access the additional email accounts - they are not used to connect to the Internet.

Optus also offers no redirection! The menu bar has the following buttons: Button Description Clicking on this button will allow you to add a new contact to your contact list This button will allow you to Like any information service it takes time to learn how to use it effectively. If you requested software from us when you joined our service, you have been supplied a copy of Microsoft Internet Explorer V3.01.

Optusnet Email

I am talking about the entire email service/webmail page as a whole. Re-enter your Webmail log in details if required Once your Webmail profile is installed, you will be able to access your Webmail account via your device. Optus Email Problems User #13592 6451 posts BrianR Whirlpool Forums Addict reference: whrl.pl/RdwT3v posted 2013-Mar-14, 9:46 pm ref: whrl.pl/RdwT3v posted 2013-Mar-14, 9:46 pm diedi writes... It happens when your PC crashes and disconnects the link between the 'dialing' program and the 'browsing' program.

It's one thing if they have their own agenda but it just seems like poor design and a lack of awareness of customer preferences. this contact form If you're not happy with it download an email program and use that, like the rest of the world had to do before webmail existed. Favourites This group shows the contacts you have used to send an email via the Contacts tab Mail button. Once you reach 100%, you will not be able to receive any new email.

It seems that on my PC, AdBlock Plus removes the actual ad content, but the space the ad would normally take still remains. Accessibility view is designed for vision impaired users of Webmail Above the menu bar you will notice the following: The 'Search' field allows you to search for an email within the Can I use Optus to receive email from a non-Optus email account? http://dekovsoft.com/cannot-open/firefox-outlook-problems.html Why is my Outlook Express not allowing me to open attachments on messages? 38.

I set everything up but I can't connect to anything, it keeps saying DNS lookup failure or something, how do I fix this? User #5536 17458 posts Jack.Daniels Whirlpool Forums Addict reference: whrl.pl/Rdr0TP posted 2013-Jan-28, 2:53 pm ref: whrl.pl/Rdr0TP posted 2013-Jan-28, 2:53 pm I did notice one issue with it that's kind of You probably have a pop3 client that you've forgotten about that's cleared them out.

Then, when I tried again they have put the interface back to what it was, but it's still slower than a thousand wounded snails.

Throwing your hands in the air and saying 'it doesn't work, fix it' doesn't help anyone help you. User #402570 1603 posts Shed Bloke Whirlpool Enthusiast reference: whrl.pl/RdtmrW posted 2013-Feb-3, 4:09 am edited 2013-Feb-3, 4:54 am ref: whrl.pl/RdtmrW posted 2013-Feb-3, 4:09 am (edited2013-Feb-3, 4:54 am) vh-usu writes... Dodo use exactly the same webmail, so it wasn't designed in-house. I get lousy wireless distance at my house, and if someone is using the internet on the laptop, it often comes to a halt on the desktop.

So still can't see any difference.... As mentioned earlier, just download a free client like Mozilla Thunderbird and you won't need to keep visiting the Web based mail site. But will Gmail pick up messages that have been placed in the Optus spam folder? http://dekovsoft.com/cannot-open/cannot-open-email-attachments-on-blackberry.html how do i fix the problem?

I can't find an option to view the standard version. Then glad I can't log into it anymore :-) User #57617 308 posts casey013 Forum Regular reference: whrl.pl/RdrEaz posted 2013-Jan-22, 2:22 pm ref: whrl.pl/RdrEaz posted 2013-Jan-22, 2:22 pm I also Although Outlook Express allows this, Optus does not provide technical support for this feature. There are three options: Time since delivery: Show the time in seconds, minutes, hours and days since the message was delilvered DD/MM/YY: Format the email delivery dates as day then month

If you requested software when you joined our service, you have been sent a pre-configured copy of Microsoft Internet Explorer V3.01 It is setup for the TECH INFO Internet system. User #68845 1096 posts lefty Whirlpool Enthusiast reference: whrl.pl/RdwQ1H posted 2013-Mar-14, 1:32 pm ref: whrl.pl/RdwQ1H posted 2013-Mar-14, 1:32 pm Whats the link to the new webmail? On this (and presumably also for anyone using the "accessibility" settings for visually impaired) the subject column ends up only four and a bit characters wide, so you are required to Many accounts outside of Bayside Servers, have default maximum send and receive sizes under 10 megabytes, so your mail, if it is too large for them to receive, will be rejected

So, yes, it's my best response. There is limited bandwidth available through these cables and nighttime in Australia is the most common time for 'surfers' in Australia to use the net - this clashes with the fact