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Accessibilitynodeinfo Android


Note: Cannot be called from an AccessibilityService. The search is relative to this info i.e. Returns:The text.682683publicCharSequencegetText(){684returnmText;685} Sets the text of this node. ArrayList inputViewsList = new ArrayList(); AccessibilityNodeInfo rootNode = getRootInActiveWindow(); refreshChildViewsList(rootNode); for(AccessibilityNodeInfo mNode : inputViewsList){ String viewId = mNode.getViewIdResourceName(); Cursor cr = db.rawQuery(-----your database parameters----); if(cr.moveToFirst()){ //this means you have a value

Throws: java.lang.IllegalStateException - If called outside of an AccessibilityService. findAccessibilityNodeInfosByText public java.util.List findAccessibilityNodeInfosByText(java.lang.Stringtext) Finds AccessibilityNodeInfos by text. Browser version, Android version, device version, website, etc all play a role. Even if your code were to run successfully, you would not be getting the results you are expecting. void setPassword(booleanpassword) Sets whether this node is a password. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/32795662/cannot-perform-this-action-on-a-not-sealed-instance-java-lang-illegalstateexce

Accessibilitynodeinfo Android

Parameters:child The child. void setCanOpenPopup(boolean opensPopup) Sets if this node opens a popup or a dialog. Note: You must not touch the object after calling this function. Why did the best potions master have greasy hair?

Such a descendant does not exist in the view * hierarchy and is only reported via the accessibility APIs. */ private static final int VIRTUAL_DESCENDANT_ID_SHIFT = 32; /** * Gets the How to show that something is not completely metrizable Was a massive case of voter fraud uncovered in Florida? Parameters:itemCount The number of items. Converting the weight of a potato into a letter grade How to install Mediawiki in Ubuntu Adverb for "syntax" Product catalog It is possible to define metric spaces from pure topological

Note: Cannot be called from an AccessibilityService. Type: int Actions: ACTION_SCROLL_TO_POSITION See also: ACTION_SCROLL_TO_POSITION Constant Value: "android.view.accessibility.action.ARGUMENT_COLUMN_INT" ACTION_ARGUMENT_EXTEND_SELECTION_BOOLEAN Added in API level 18 String ACTION_ARGUMENT_EXTEND_SELECTION_BOOLEAN Argument for whether when moving at granularity to extend the selection What movie is this? http://stackoverflow.com/questions/29504854/accessibilityservice-change-edittext-from-alertdialog Returns:True if the node is selected. setSelected public void setSelected(booleanselected) Sets whether this node is selected.

Returns:The bit mask of with actions. Returns:True if the node is scrollable, false otherwise.604605publicbooleanisScrollable(){606returngetBooleanProperty(PROPERTY_SCROLLABLE);607} Sets if the node is scrollable. Throws:java.lang.IllegalStateException If called from an AccessibilityService.620621publicvoidsetScrollable(booleanscrollable){622enforceNotSealed();623setBooleanProperty(PROPERTY_SCROLLABLE,scrollable);624} Gets the package this node comes from. Throws: java.lang.IllegalStateException - If called from an AccessibilityService. getClassName public java.lang.CharSequence getClassName() Gets the class this node comes from.

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Throws: java.lang.IllegalStateException - If called from an AccessibilityService. getBoundsInScreen public void getBoundsInScreen(RectoutBounds) Gets the node bounds in screen coordinates. Returns:The parent.293294publicAccessibilityNodeInfogetParent(){295enforceSealed();296if(!canPerformRequestOverConnection(mAccessibilityViewId)){297returnnull;298}299AccessibilityInteractionClientclient=AccessibilityInteractionClient.getInstance();300returnclient.findAccessibilityNodeInfoByAccessibilityId(mConnection,301mAccessibilityWindowId,mParentAccessibilityViewId);302} Sets the parent. Accessibilitynodeinfo Android Throws:java.lang.IllegalStateException If called from an AccessibilityService.495496publicvoidsetSelected(booleanselected){497setBooleanProperty(PROPERTY_SELECTED,selected);498} Gets whether this node is clickable. Should I allow my child to make an alternate meal if they do not like anything served at mealtime?

For example, move to the BUTTON, INPUT, TABLE, etc. Note: Cannot be called from an AccessibilityService. Note: Used only internally to determine whether to deliver the event to a given accessibility service since some services may want to regard all views for accessibility while others may want Note: Cannot be called from an android.accessibilityservice.AccessibilityService.

Constant Value: 128 (0x00000080) ACTION_CLEAR_FOCUS Added in API level 14 int ACTION_CLEAR_FOCUS Action that clears input focus of the node. Nav Setup 9 Nav Setup 8 The accessibility focus. Type: float Actions: ACTION_SET_PROGRESS See also: ACTION_SET_PROGRESS Constant Value: "android.view.accessibility.action.ARGUMENT_PROGRESS_VALUE" ACTION_ARGUMENT_ROW_INT Added in API level 23 String ACTION_ARGUMENT_ROW_INT Argument for specifying the collection row to make visible on screen. void setEditable(boolean editable) Sets whether this node is editable.

Let me know if you need anything else. My cat sat down on my laptop, now the right side of my keyboard types the wrong characters Adverb for "syntax" Execute bash script from vim What was Stan Lee's character This site uses cookies, as explained in our cookie policy.

Returns:The value.735736privatebooleangetBooleanProperty(intproperty){737return(mBooleanProperties&property)!=0;738} Sets a boolean property.

Parameters:scrollable True if the source is scrollable, false otherwise. Parameters:selected - True if the node is selected. Throws:java.lang.IllegalStateException If called from an AccessibilityService.199200publicvoidaddChild(Viewchild){201enforceNotSealed();202finalintchildAccessibilityViewId=child.getAccessibilityViewId();203finalintindex=mChildAccessibilityIds.size();204mChildAccessibilityIds.put(index,childAccessibilityViewId);205} Gets the actions that can be performed on the node. void getBoundsInScreen(RectoutBounds) Gets the node bounds in screen coordinates. AccessibilityNodeInfo getChild(intindex) Get the child at given index.

Parameters:checkable - True if the node is checkable. Parameters:parcelableData The parcelable data. For detailed information please refer to {@link AccessibilityEvent}. *

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For more information about creating and processing AccessibilityRecords, read the * setScrollable public void setScrollable(booleanscrollable) Sets if the node is scrollable.

Parameters:password - True if the node is a password.