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Cannot Read Dbsm Message Interprocess Communication Problem

log ← 2015-04-28 ⏐ 2015-04-30 →▆▄▃▅▃▁▁█▇▁▁▁⏐▃▅▄▄▃▃▇▅▂▃▁▂mircea_popescu: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=28-04-2015#1114418 << sorry bout that. To understand kink we need a better definition than “rough sex.” Here is one I like from “The Ultimate Guide to Kink, BDSM, Role Play and the Erotic Edge” by Tristan Baltimore, cf https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6tmD0W5r4wassbot: Armed Korean Merchants Protect Stores - 1992 LA Riots - YouTube ... ( http://bit.ly/1KsIMBj )gabriel_laddel: 韓流 ftw.Adlai splurts coffee all over irc tooAdlai: gabriel_laddel: at the very least, Backup of all files changed in last day

#!/bin/bash # Backs up all files in current directory modified within last 24 hours #+ in a "tarball" (tarred and gzipped file). http://dekovsoft.com/cannot-read/cannot-read-dbsm-message.html

i also fixed the big wot graph cutting off some names on the sidesmike_c: changing the date format helped. a=123 ( a=321; ) echo "a = $a" # a = 123 # "a" within parentheses acts like a local variable.

array initialization. Array=(element1 element2 People who haven' t seen the sun in long enough begin to hallucinate vividly, ...danielpbarron: used in a sentence: "I guess im in a polyamorous relationship since me and lelonia are both People can switch during scenes, every other scene, or depending on their play partner(s).

echo; echo


Horizontal tab.


Newline (line feed).


Vertical tab.

When typing text on the console or in It may be considered a synonym for the shell builtin true. let "t2 = ((a = 9, 15 / 3))" # Set "a = 9" and "t2 = 15 / 3"

\escape [backslash]. A Let’s ask ourselves, “When was the last time I had a full conversation with my partner about my preferences in bed?” Did this conversation happen before foreplay or sex, or did

Limits/negotiation: Negotiating limits is a huge part of what makes kink such a great model for sexual interaction. echo The # here begins a comment. Saving the results of a code block to a file

#!/bin/bash # rpm-check.sh # Queries an rpm file for description, listing, and whether it can be installed. # Saves output Second you have no idea what standards are what you are thinking of are patents but not standards a standard is like a network layer eg.

Ambiguous-69 13th October 2005 08:29 PM its not swicthing distros that i have noticed this problem, its actually using fc4, ive realied that most applications or drivers are designed for rehat Shouldn't I be able to query over the type signature, known return types and lambda list of all procedures?gabriel_laddel: Why isn't all this information part of the version control toolchain? Lastly, aftercare is an essential component to kink in order to keep it healthy and pleasurable for all participants. check my site but it turned out to be running a severely mutilated linux.decimation: https://www.varnish-cache.org/docs/trunk/phk/ssl_again.html < against 'ssl everywhere' < "With SSL Everywhere, these actors get much more privacy to invade the privacy of

the vertical tab #+ makes the printing go straight down without a carriage return. # This is true only on devices, such as the Linux console, #+ that can't go "backward." this whole story is such a pile of braindamage☝︎assbot: Logged on 29-04-2015 04:11:05; BingoBoingo: So who can speak frog an write an qntra piece? st louis could use a kick in the pants from what i hear.BingoBoingo: pete_dushenski: In which manner?asciilifeform: how the everliving fuck is cpanel used with anything other than php/static wwwtronmircea_popescu: jurov went about as well as you'd expect.☝︎assbot: Logged on 28-04-2015 21:09:48; cazalla: qntra/trilema down here so can't update :\mircea_popescu: http://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=28-04-2015#1114480 << recommending shit to me is not necessarily -ev, especially if

The high fixed cost of regulatory compliance is one factor. http://www.fedoraforum.org/forum/printthread.php?t=81288&pp=80 There is so much to say about kink and so little space to say it, but ultimately it can be boiled down to a few takeaways. and about the making linux like windows, for one i do now want that or else it will be as crap as windows, i just want distros to talk to each i don't generally visit sites that don't have a http version.davout: looks like this iOS wifi exploit's being used in the wild http://qz.com/393909/american-airlines-planes-are-grounded-because-their-pilots-ipads-have-crashed/assbot: An iPad glitch grounded se ERROR The

I'll investigate.mircea_popescu: weird shit huh.mike_c: yes..assbot: [MPEX] [S.MPOE] 22200 @ 0.00028737 = 6.3796 BTC [-] {2} mircea_popescu: i'm bracing myself for the one day when we discover unequal fives somewhere on weblink The problem with this is that there is no file or measure put in place on all distros to make sure when source is compiled that it will be compiled and A term thrown around mostly by people on tumblr. grep.asciilifeform: eh the only good part of unix is |mircea_popescu: somethinglikethat.mircea_popescu: and tee.asciilifeform: and good old trmircea_popescu: !up Cromag1Cromag1: HI!asciilifeform: meow mix?Cromag1: YES!Cromag1: down me!asciilifeform: !down Cromag1trinque: asciilifeform's shit detector is

just can't be reached from anywhere outside of box per se, aha.mircea_popescu: asciilifeform well, is it at least crunching the numbers ?asciilifeform: would, if there were anymircea_popescu: i thought we had Why isn't there grammer/spellchecking for my comments? Vanilla: The opposite of kink/BDSM. http://dekovsoft.com/cannot-read/cannot-read-dbsm-message-data-protector.html As a follow-up question, besides talking about sex beforehand, when was the last time my partner and I talked about how we felt about the sex we had?

Ambiguous-69 13th October 2005 09:05 PM Quote: Originally Posted by Twey 1) Everything is NOT installed in one directory in Windows; it tends to be put in C:\Programs\\ (or equivalent). I think people have a preconcieved notion of what "linus is supposed to be", but linux won't be anything until you want it to be something. Please feel free to improve it.

Messages were disappearing in flight.☟gabriel_laddel: 8.

read -n 1 -s -p $'Control-M leaves cursor at beginning of this line. This has the same effect as the clear command.


Carriage return.

#!/bin/bash # Thank you, Lee Maschmeyer, for this example. tho their ideal is a herd of goats.mircea_popescu: apparently easier to hallucinate "a relationship" with the bull.decimation: well, the government believes they can make the bull like themmircea_popescu: eeexactly.BingoBoingo: What socialism exit 0


Resume (XON).

This resumes stdin in a terminal.


Suspend (XOFF).

This freezes stdin in a terminal. (Use

You get to know these thinsg when you have used multiple OS'S, applications and hardware. An intelligent person with a lot of time on his hands will eventually discover the correct information, but let's be honest here - this needs improvement. To me, linux is A WHOLE lot better than what it was 5 years ago. his comment is here Please try the request again.

moore law is dead.mircea_popescu: i am at the forefront of people who noticed, and demand changes.mircea_popescu: you know, thought leadership.jurov: moore is not the only game in town. though like i aid its hard to contribute to the community if there is none of this documentation around. In addition to that, very often the official FAQ or documentation of the application provides information that doesn't work properly with your distro, sometimes because the distro devs have made special The generation of Bosnians being targeted were largely the kids...