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Cannot Read Startup Config File Fvwm

So, the first time a user program is started, the default configuration is read from the files present in the /etc/ directory. It is important to understand that this is the "general rule," and is not necessarily true for all cases. The same program works just fine under MWM or OLWM. Sourced by bash non-login interactive shells (no other files are). this contact form

This option is only useful with screens that display 256 colors (or less) with a dynamic visual (PseudoColor, GrayScale or Direct- Color). This behavior can be exactly duplicated with 2.5.1 or later but not with earlier fvwm versions. Fvwm’s config file has name has changed a few times in its history. Rlogin" Module FvwmForm FvwmForm-Rlogin + "&P. news

The first is good in one kind of situations, bad in others: DestroyFunc StartKedit AddToFunc StartKedit + I Exec kedit; xmessage -name DummyWindow -g +10000+10000 "dummy" + I Wait DummyWindow + Virtual Window Manager forum Skip to content Active topics Login Register Login Register Active topics Search Advanced search Quick links Unanswered posts Active topics Search Members The team FAQ Login Register I’m a sysadmin, and if I wanted fvwm to look for all of its rc files in a hidden directory, say ~/.fvwm, much like CDE does, how could I do that? If you do use the Focus command the list will gradually get back to most recently focused order as you use FlipFocus.

SUPPLIED CONFIGURATION A sample configuration file, system.fvwm2rc, is supplied with the fvwm distribution. To force that all pending changes are applied immediately, use the UpdateStyles, Refresh or RefreshWindow commands. But this approach has one plus - it also enables any fvwm commands that you may want to issue before executing your command. root-tail.

There are C access routines. /etc/inetd.confConfig file for inetd. This context is for desktop applications (such as kdesktop and Nautilus desktop). If c > R*G*B, then some grey may be added to the color cube. The physical SCREEN acts as a viewport over one of the PAGES of the current DESK.

Moreover, you can use the colors in this color cube in your X resources configuration files and/or as arguments to colors options. Up to ten title-bar buttons may exist. Fvwm makes no such distinction, and allows anything to be changed at any time. Placing menus on the screen.

Should not be used by a user. -c | --cmd config-command Causes fvwm to use config-command instead of 'Read config' (or 'Read .fvwm2rc') as its initialization com- mand. (Note that up http://linux.debian.user.narkive.com/vYlg9kbH/minor-fvwm-config-error-in-sarge Configuration com- mands typically set fonts, colors, menu contents, key and mouse func- tion bindings, while action commands do things like raise and lower windows. Older hardware uses something called 8 bit color. User programs A user or system program reads its configuration file every time it is launched.

The first program launched after a UNIX machine is switched on is init, which knows what to launch, thanks to inittab. weblink Hitting Alt-Tab will pop up the WindowList menu. The main goal of fvwm95 was to supply a Windows 95 like look and feel. Please refer to the COLORSETS sec- tion for details about colorsets. $[s

You can see this list by pressing Tab at the LILO prompt./etc/logrotate.confMaintains the log files present in the /var/log directory./etc/identd.confIdentd is a server that implements the TCP/IP proposed standard IDENT user To override the previous rules, it is possible to specify the string encoding in the beginning of a font description as follow: StringEncoding=enc:_full_font_name_ where enc is an encoding supported by fvwm This is best achieved with a function, as in: DestroyFunc ToggleLayer AddToFunc ToggleLayer + I ThisWindow (Layer 6) Layer + I TestRc (NoMatch) Layer 0 6 This function first of all http://dekovsoft.com/cannot-read/cannot-read-user-file-rsw-lic.html Stop Module Menu" Popup MenuFvwmStopModule DestroyMenu MenuFvwmStopModule AddToMenu MenuFvwmStopModule "Stop Fvwm Modules" Title + "&B.

A better way to solve this problem is to modify the keyboard mapping of your X server. Causes a "quiet" login (no mail notice, last login info, or MOD). ~/.mail.rc User init file for mail program. ~/.ncftp/ Directory for ncftp program; contains bookmarks, log, macros, preferences, trace. This service, in particular, is used by daemons that would not otherwise have any means of signaling the presence of possible problems or sending messages to users. /etc/httpd.confThe configuration file for

Miscellaneous What exactly is the difference between a DESK, a PAGE, and the SCREEN?

This is equivalent of $[0-]. $[version.num] The version number, like "2.6.0". $[version.info] The version info, like " (from cvs)", empty for the official releases. $[version.line] The first line printed by the By default, the palette is used only for images and gradients. -P | --visual-palette If the screen displays 256 colors (or less) and has a dynamic visual, this option causes fvwm Users can write their own modules to do any weird or bizarre manipulations without bloating or affecting the integrity of fvwm itself. XFree-4.3 or better pre-allocate only 85 colors.

These styles and commands have EWMH as the prefix (so you can find them easily in this man page). thanks again... What’s going on? his comment is here This includes parameters that follow after "$9". $[n] The n:th positional parameter given to a complex function, counting from 0.

To illustrate how features of fvwm should be referred to - fvwm has multiple disjoint DESKTOPS, each of which is comprised of M by N PAGES, which are each the size For example, replace DestroyFunc IconFunc AddToFunc IconFunc + C Iconify off + M Raise + M Move + D Iconify off with: DestroyFunc IconFunc AddToFunc IconFunc + C DeiconifyAndRearrange + M The system rc “$datadir”/fvwm/config (or system.fvwm2rc) could do something like: Read Init quiet Read Decors quiet Read Styles quiet Read Functions quiet Read Menus quiet Read Keys quiet Read Modules quiet Try these key bindings for mouse movement: # shift- to move a few pixels Key Left A S CursorMove -1 0 Key Right A S CursorMove +1 +0 Key Up A

so if anyone has some good scripts, configs and how-tos feel free to post them and i'm off to browse fvwm forums Offline #13 2007-03-13 20:30:12 SleepingGiant08 Member From: Ellicott City, Without this option, the whole desktop is treated as one big screen. You can redirect standard error to a file when fvwm is started: “fvwm 2> fvwm-errors”. But you got one thing in the /etc/X11/fvwm/ directory...

A shadow is displayed in each given direction. For saving memory (an iso10646-1 font may have a very large number of characters) or because you have a pretty font without an iso10646-1 charset, you can specify the string encoding Why won’t the StartIconic style work with some applications? Some daemons, while running, keep a close watch on the configuration file and reload it automatically when it changes.

How can I define emacs type multi-keystroke fvwm bindings?