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Cannot Read Termcap Database Mysql

You not only have to specify a username and password, but you must also specify from where that user will be connecting. I can access it all from the web portal. How do I get the normal bash back?-1How to execute a .run file using Mac Terminal?1Cannot get Control Arrow keys working in Vim through tmux Hot Network Questions Strength check between I've tried installing sequelpro and tried to have it connect to our DB but it does not connect. this contact form

Mimsy were the Borograves - why "mimsy" is an adjective? One of my colleagues has testedthe issue reported and confirmed that installing the OS's termcappackage should solve the problem.Ubuntu doesn't seem to use termcap, an apt-cache search for termcapturns up nothing o ports/146877 [repocopy] irc/kvirc-devel irc/kvirc4 o ports/146876 mnag [PATCH] databases/sqlite3: recover missing dependency o ports/146875 miwi [NEW PORT] www/thundersnarf: Web reporting and trendin o ports/146874 miwi [MAINTAINER] www/ap20-thundercache: port fix f This might help the server notice that the permissions are set.MySQLAt a command prompt, enter: where {dbusername} is the actual name of a MySQL database user.Then, enter the password for that http://stackoverflow.com/questions/7066851/suddenly-i-get-the-error-cannot-read-termcap-database

Your MySQL connection id is 2 Server version: 5.0.30-enterprise MySQL Enterprise Server (Commercial) No entry for terminal type "xterm"; using dumb terminal settings. I'm still not clear how this passed our internal testing though; I'm guessing the QA test VMs do have some package on them which includes termcap. I just need to create my own custom reports.

Depending on your version of PostgreSQL and operating system, you can find this file in a PostgreSQL configuration directory or data directory; e.g. f amd64/144503 amd64 [boot] 8.0-RELEASE does not boot on DL585 [regression] o docs/144498 doc boot(8) should reference uart(4) instead of sio(4) p kern/144494 brueffer [ixgbe] ixgbe driver not built as module Start the client [email protected] mysql-enterprise-5.0.30-hpux11.00-hppa2.0w-64bit $ export TERM=xterm [email protected] mysql-enterprise-5.0.30-hpux11.00-hppa2.0w-64bit $ ./bin/mysql --socket=./data/mysql.sock Welcome to the MySQL monitor. How difficult is it to practically detect a forgery in a cryptosystem?

Should I create multiple maintenance plans to backup more than 200 User databases Select 2D data in a certain range Converting the weight of a potato into a letter grade Antonym readList, readPaginatedList, and any tests that begin with 'search' or 'sort'.Error messages similar to org.postgresql.util.PSQLException. Choose Installation Media is out o kern/145024 emulation [linux] [panic] kernel crash by linux.ko module with n o docs/145023 doc handbook section 2.4 Starting the Installation is outd o docs/145021 doc http://grokbase.com/t/postgresql/pgsql-bugs/10cx0xed7w/bug-5807-psql-fails-to-launch-with-cannot-read-termcap-database-using-dumb-terminal-settings-aborted For example, you might run these from a .sql script file, as follows: Where the file add-plpgsql.sql looks like this: 'HeuristicMixedException' errorsSymptom(s):Error messages containing javax.transaction.HeuristicMixedException appear when you start the CollectionSpace

The only DB I saw was called Information_Schema, but it does not look like the JSS DB. BUG #5851: ROHS (read only hot standby) needs to be restarted manually in somecases. on a RedHat/Fedora/CentOS Linux system via sudo service postgresql restart.If the server fails to start up after making this change (see PostgreSQL server fails to start or restart), reduce the value o conf/145727 [pf.conf] pf rules not applied on boot if using inet6 f ports/145726 Update: x11/xlockmore to 5.30 o ports/145724 marcus net/netatalk and graphics/uniconv: add CONFLICTS o ports/145723 mm [patch] ftp/proftpd

Type '\c' to clear the buffer. this To resolve this problem, make sure that you run ant create_db -Drecreate_db=true before running ant import. Aborted Anyone fiqured out how to fix this yet?? Type '\c' to clear the buffer.

It affects only the use of 8-bit characters within psql.For steps to resolve it, see the "Notes for Windows Users" section of the psql manual page, such as this psql page http://dekovsoft.com/cannot-read/cannot-read-termcap-database-using-dumb-terminal-settings-python.html Hope that helps! However I tried this and I still get thesame error. Commands end with ; or \g.

Attempts to start or restart the server are failing.Fix:Check the PostgreSQL startup log file for more details. For example, if my grant was GRANT ALL ON jamfsofware.* TO 'jamfsofware'@localhost then user jamfsofware would only be able to connect to the jamfsofware database from the local host. Wrong way on a bike path? navigate here I did some searching and the closestsuggestion I could find was to install libncurses5-dev, but thisdidn't help.

You can do this by following the steps in Initializing data. (These steps also appear under "Initializing default authorities and term lists" in the relevant installation guide.)Error creating authority term records Your MySQL connection id is 3 Server version: 5.0.30-enterprise MySQL Enterprise Server (Commercial) No entry for terminal type "ansi"; using dumb terminal settings. Join the conversation.

Is there a log file sequelpro creates?

As IPv6 is more widely adopted over time, more systems will also have IPv6 enabled by default.'language "plpgsql" does not exist' errorsSymptom(s):The error message org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: ERROR: language "plpgsql" does not exist Nikolairoman at May 25, 2011 at 4:54 am ⇧ On Debian Lenny, I downloaded termcap source fromhttp://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/termcap/ and installed it. I know I'm an Admin so it's not a rights issue. 17 Posted: 11/26/12 at 11:20 AM by jarednichols Yes, it is a rights issue. I'm still not clear how this passed our internal testing though; I'mguessing the QA test VMs do have some package on them which includestermcap.

In fact, in hitting delete the cursor would go forward one space visibly but back one space internally in the buffer. Posted: 11/26/12 at 3:28 PM by donmontalvo Ya, I don't have experience with the GUI application...have you pinged JAMF Support? Do you know the exact Ubuntu package that I need to install? his comment is here so libedit will keep thinking it has a "dumb" terminal. 3.

These represent problem reports covering all versions including experimental development code and obsolete releases.