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Hopefully:) Jason 5/4/2010 7:39 AM | #re: New Silverlight 4 Themes available–get the raw bits Hi Tim - great templates!For those of us (me!) who want to use these with the The source code I have is rather large.In summary,toget theDataTrigger to firewhen DataItem.IsNew = true, is just on a object that implements INotifyPropertyChanged like this: public sealed class Dummy : INotifyPropertyChanged{private binding it is incorrect. As you said the team's finalizing the distribution plan, any rough timeframe when this is going out? http://dekovsoft.com/cannot-resolve/cannot-resolve-targetproperty.html

But because we plan on using Canvas.SetLeft and Canvas.SetTop – and are not defining the middle point of the Shape, but rather Top and Left position, we would need to modify Value> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/16511654/cannot-animate-contentcontrol-background-color-but-works-with-foreground

Verify that applicable objects support the properties." If I continue, I then get this error message: "The previous newly realized generated element was not added to the visual tree by calling But if you tried to do that, you would be greeted with following Exception: WinRT information: Cannot resolve TargetProperty Animator on specified object. Title Page (Main Menu) On our Main Menu, we want to provide user several options, each of which will serve us to tackle and illustrate different development challenges: Start Game –

I've decided on a game because, most importantly, it is a great way to showcase unique hardware capabilities of an Ultrabook. All rights reserved.Terms of Use|Trademarks|Privacy Statement|Site Feedback Toggle navigation Submit Henri's blogg Silverlight: Cannot resolve TargetProperty or OMG how hard can it be to debug this cr...p Henri Merkesdal 16:23 1 So if you are using a resource dictionary it would look like. Thursday, October 01, 2009 3:05 PM Reply If you need help with this step, check out following guide http://www.sysprobs.com/guide-install-windows-8-virtualbox 6.

timheuer 5/5/2010 3:45 PM | #re: New Silverlight 4 Themes available–get the raw bits Fallon - thanks for the report -- the border used a DropShadow right? Keeping the score fair -Exploration of Binding concepts for showing the score while game is progressing -Handling Game Over event and saving score -Short introduction on async -Developing simple serverside to Thanks for such outstanding support for the community.Good job,Rachida timheuer 5/3/2010 1:14 PM | #re: New Silverlight 4 Themes available–get the raw bits Robert -- most of these styles could be http://merkesdal.blogspot.com/2010/09/silverlight-cannot-resolve.html Posts RSS .

properties it is impossible, it is senseless. With using "CheckedColor" in state "Checked" it crashes with: Cannot resolve TargetProperty (Rectangle.Fill).(SolidColorBrush.Color) on specified object. 2. karthik 7/4/2011 2:27 AM | #re: New Silverlight 4 Themes available–get the raw bits can u guys help me how to add a theme in silverlight appication am new for this Please login or register.

Maybe not the real SOLUTION but it SOLVES the problem and result looks OK. click here now Support Support Center Search the KB My Questions Code Examples Resources Getting Started Documentation Demos Training Webinars Contact our Developer Advocates anytime. DISCLAIMER:The opinions/content expressed on this blog are provided "ASIS" with no warranties and are my own personal opinions/content (unless otherwise noted) and do not represent my employer's view in any way. I can binding is not correct I do...In what expresses?

In fact, if you want to have a good laugh, Google for “How to close Windows 8 Metro app”. check over here Tim Buchholz 1/14/2011 6:00 AM | #re: New Silverlight 4 Themes available–get the raw bits For the Accent Color theme how could I make the accent color configurable and updatable at I am guessing this would require deleting all the style bindings in an existing application, am i right? Powered by Blogger .

Aaron 6/4/2010 1:22 PM | #re: New Silverlight 4 Themes available–get the raw bits Tim, when using the Grayscale theme, the DataGrid disappears when wrapped in a BusyIndicator with IsBusy = Triggers> http://dekovsoft.com/cannot-resolve/cannot-resolve-targetproperty-x-on-specified-object.html Why is looping over find's output bad practice?

if i replace (Rectangle.Fill).(SolidColorBrush.Color) with (Border.BorderBrush).(SolidColorBrush.Color) i get this exception "Cannot resolve TargetProperty (Border.BorderBrush).(SolidColorBrush.Color) on specified object." what im trying to achieve is when i hover the items on my ListBox Random things that helped me to navigate around Windows 8 when I installed it for the first time: The fastest way to Desktop is still WindowsKey+D If you are missing My Similarly to previous group, we also have 5 events: ManipulationStarting ManipulationStarted ManipulationDelta ManipulationInertiaStarting ManipulationCompleted For these events you need a computer with a touch screen.

Which does not have this property.

Are there continuous functions for which the epsilon-delta property doesn't hold? Sincerely,Alex FidanovDeveloper Support Engineerwww.infragistics.com\support Reply Post Points: 20 Guppy Points 70 Reply Replied On: Wed, Feb 18 2009 8:17 AM Thanks, please post your event code solution. You need to add an instance of FunkyShape in the XAML where the Canvas is (this is the reason we made FunkyShape class inherit from UserControl):

Blend perhaps?It would be nice to have a debugXamlelement that halts execution when Xaml is fired to allow you to inspect what objects are there to explore the context they are You won’t get notified when your application is terminated! It must add it to the visual tree or something