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Hibernate C3p0


The most reliable time to test Connections is on check-out. If you are using a database that supports transactions "partially" (this is oxymoronic, as the whole point of transactions is to perform operations reliably and completely, but nevertheless, such databases exist), Because this will not always be the case, c3p0 PooledDataSources have a special property called dataSourceName. Please see below for configuration details.

Good luck! Shouldn't it be something like this? The point of Connection pooling is to bear the cost of acquiring a Connection only once, and then to reuse the Connection many, many times. All commenting, posting, registration services have been turned off.

Hibernate C3p0

But if you really need to, you can configure c3p0 to exclude the identityToken attribute from ObjectNames, so that your PooledDataSources have predictable, reproducible names. log4j.rootLogger=CONSOLE, FILE log4j.logger.Statistic=INFO log4j.logger.org.springframework=DEBUG, FILE log4j.logger.org.apache.axis=ERROR, CONSOLE log4j.logger.com.cybercom.webmeet=DEBUG,FILE log4j.logger.org.hibernate=DEBUG,FILE But i think thats not working either, no addition in log statements Comment Cancel Post Marten Deinum Senior Member Join Date: Jun Examples of this include setting-up character encodings, or date and time related behavior, using vendor-specific APIs or non-standard SQL statement executions.

When a connection is required, an existing one is retrieved from the pool. There is no guarantee that a dataSourceName will be unique. As of version 0.9.5, c3p0 fully supports the jdbc4 spec. C3p0 Star Wars Otherwise, create a simple application from the Getting Started with Clojure on Heroku article before proceeding.

it is possible that a Connection could break or time out between the client's last use and its check-in to the pool. C3p0 Download does it recover from database restarts well enough?), and then decide. You should have received copies of both licenses with this distribution. https://communities.ca.com/thread/241755534 You're app will now use c3p0.

By default, these stale Connections will only be detected and purged lazily, when an application attempts to use them, and sees an Exception. C3p0 Github This is an extract of hibernate.cfg.xml: 1 100 100 0 10 100