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Cannot Set A Resource-specific Property From The Global Scope

If you plan to produce Solaris auditing records for zones, read Using Solaris Auditing in Zones before you install non-global zones. The commit operation is attempted automatically upon completion of a zonecfg session. Branded Zone Configuration Data Zone configuration data consists of two kinds of entities: resources and properties. zonecfg:lx-zone:net> set address= Set the physical device type for the network interface, the bge device in this procedure. http://dekovsoft.com/cannot-set/cannot-set-the-dhcp-scope-options.html

Hide Permalink Michael Smith added a comment - 2014/08/27 4:05 PM Found a weird set of circumstances where zoneadm doesn't behave well: https://gist.github.com/MikaelSmith/66952db17447f51bed45 If creating a zone fails, trying to do The patch does appear to resolve the issue with sparse zones. zonecfg:lx-zone> add attr zonecfg:lx-zone:attr> set name=comment zonecfg:lx-zone:attr> set type=string zonecfg:lx-zone:attr> set value="Production zone" zonecfg:lx-zone:attr> end You can use the export subcommand to print a zone configuration to standard output. attr Generic attribute. https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E26502_01/html/E29024/z.config.ov-10.html

First Name Please enter a first name Last Name Please enter a last name Email We will never share this with anyone. The create_args line was totally the culprit. If this resource is used, there must be enough free processors to allocate to this zone when it boots or the zone will not boot.

The configuration is saved in a form that can be used in a command file. The zone must be rebooted for the changes to take effect. NOTICE: /etc/system directive 'set vxio:vol_rootdev_is_volume=1'; is not applicable in the virtual environment. Specify the file system type, lofs in this procedure.

All processes are killed, devices are unconfigured, network interfaces are destroyed, file systems are unmounted, and the kernel data structures are destroyed. This patch removes the check, and instead treats `nil` similar to `:absent` Show Rahul Gopinath added a comment - 2014/08/13 5:53 PM - edited Here is a pull request for the With regards to the zonecfg errors, you're trying to define parameters for fs, dir and net resources from within the global property area. The value can be increased for zones whose I/O is more critical.

Use zonecfg to create a configuration for the zone. attr: name, type, value The name, type and value of a generic attribute. Patch 111023-03 has already been applied. If resource-type is specified, displays only information about resources of the relevant type.

See Determine the Zone Host Name and Obtain the Network Address and System Administration Guide: IP Services. It is usually good practice to limit user access to the global zone to system administrators. Since there was some ambiguity over desired results (see comments above) it would be great to get confirmation. shutting down: Zone being halted.

The set of properties is dependent on the resource type. http://dekovsoft.com/cannot-set/cannot-set-property-of-undefined-angularjs.html For information on resource pool association, see How Zones Work and How to Configure the lx Branded Zone. Delete the configuration both from memory and from stable storage. NOTICE: /etc/system directive 'set abort_enable = 0'; is not applicable in the virtual environment.

Refer to the documentation you use to set up a newly installed machine and install applications. The following rules apply to zone names: Each zone must have a unique name. The "name" property of an "attr" resource is syntactically restricted in a similar fashion to zone names: it must begin with an alphanumeric, and can contain alphanumerics plus the hyphen (-) check over here This property is the preferred way to set the zone.max-msg-ids rctl.

If no property name-value pairs are specified, all instances will be removed. fs: dir, special, raw, type, options Values needed to determine how, where, and so forth to mount file systems. See Moving a Non-Global Zone for instructions.

Note that if the zones service is disabled, the zone will not autoboot, regardless of the setting of this property.

Size (bytes) locked property of capped-memory zone.max-lwps max-lwps Maximum number of LWPs simultaneously available to this zone. Any partially specified resources are not retained. Use the -b option to create a blank configuration. The IP and router specified in the manifest aren't being set on the zone.

Become superuser, or assume the Primary Administrator role. select resource-type {property-name=property-value} Select the resource of the given type which matches the given property-name property-value pair criteria, for modification. You must specify a sufficient number of property name-value pairs for the resource to be uniquely identified. this content The Glossary provides definitions for terms used with zones and resource management features.

attr: name, type, value The name, type and value of a generic attribute. After you have configured a non-global zone, you should verify that the zone can be installed safely on your system's configuration. clear Clear the value for optional settings. The capped-memory resource provides limits for physical, swap, and locked memory.

The property types are described as follows: global: zonepath Path to zone's file system. Or, it might augment the native brand behaviors with additional characteristics or features. The global administrator has superuser privileges in the global zone or assumes the Primary Administrator role. #!/bin/ksh # # Copyright 2006 Sun Microsystems, Inc. The disk space required for whole root zones is as much as is required for a full installation.

global: max-shm-ids The maximum number of shared memory IDs allowed for this zone. Covered by US Patent. Note that access to an audio device running in the global zone can be added through the attr resource property as shown in Step 12 of How to Configure, Verify, and Login.

Note – You can change the brand of a zone in the configured state. Thus the Puppet agent skips over them instead of taking action. For more information, see Chapter10, Physical Memory Control Using the Resource Capping Daemon (Overview), Chapter11, Administering the Resource Capping Daemon (Tasks) and the rcapd(1M) man page. module In this usage of kstat, this field will have the value caps.

IPv4 addresses are supported. Processes Running in a Branded Zone Branded zones provide a set of interposition points in the kernel that are only applied to processes executing in a branded zone. If you have a system that you can run ldom's on, use that instead. 0 Message Active today Author Comment by:sunhux2009-12-14 Comment Utility Permalink(# a26045744) Q6: So I can have In the resource scope, remove the specified property name-property value from the current resource.